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Mobile Internet Cell Signal Booster Install

We’ve been exploring off-grid internet wireless connectivity options to extend our work and travels beyond the reach of wired internet.  To that end we are trying a weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR cell signal booster.

Convenient options for mounting the antenna on the RV were limited.  No ladder and no space to store an antenna mast.  Thanks to a tip from an Amazon product reviewer, who used a slightly different install method, I started looking at the existing, collapsible, tv antenna mast as a possible solution.

We needed an easy way to deploy the OTR antenna vertically when stopped and store it horizontally when driving.

Two screw holes drilled into the lower aluminum antenna mast bar provided a sturdy connection for the mirror mount that came with the OTR.  Having my lovely partner inside the RV to raise and lower the tv antenna a few times while I worked on the roof helped greatly to find the maximum height where the OTR mount would still clear the tv antenna mount as the mast bars pivoted.

The OTR RG58 cable was routed along the same path as the existing tv antenna cable, inside the upper mast bar and through the base of the mast deck plate.  So no new, external roof penetrations were required.  Just some silicone caulk to reseal the original external roof entry point.  On the inside a small hole was drilled in the interior roof decking and a coax wall plate with foam wall plate insulator  was used to finish it off.

A few sticky back cable mounts were used to route the RG58 wire to a nearby cabinet wall where the booster was mounted.




I was originally considering utilizing the RV’s existing outside coax inputs but not having a visible cable run outside and the possibility of signal drop over a longer “unknown” in wall cable length were enough to deter me from that option.

We have experienced an increase of two to three signal bars with the OTR antenna raised, the booster powered up and my mobile phone next to the internal antenna.  I have not checked actual db gain yet.  About 10 Mbps down increase.  No oscillation between external OTR antenna and the “Hershey bar” internal antenna.  Antenna mast raises and lowers normally.  Overall working very well.

For more information and other install options check out the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center review on the 4G-OTR RV & Trucker Antenna by weBoost.