What kind of footprints do you want to leave?

What exactly is a tiny house?

Since Brendan and I have started on this journey people have been really curious about the whole Tiny House thing.  After they get finished telling me that we’re crazy there are two main questions they ask:  ‘What is a tiny house?’ and ‘Why do you want to live in one?’

What is a tiny house?

Let’s start with talking about what exactly I mean when I say ‘Tiny House’.  A tiny house is a dwelling of anywhere up to about 400 square feet.  These houses can be stationary but many times they are built on wheels so they’re movable.  A tiny house can be anything small but the main focuses of tiny living are living more simply in a smaller space and reducing your environmental footprint.  There are all different kinds of tiny houses.  Some purists say that the tiny house cannot be an RV but I disagree.  If the RV is under 400 square feet and has elements of being environmentally friendly then I call it tiny.  Here are examples of some cool tiny houses:

  • Tumbleweed Tiny Houses is a company that specializes in building tiny houses or supplying plans and materials for you to build your own to keep costs down.
  • Some clever DIY-ers convert school buses for their homes.
  • Yurts are portable structures traditionally used by nomads in central Asia for their homes.
  • Some tiny house enthusiasts build their homes in treehouses.
  • Park Model RVs are larger than average RVs but are still mobile. You don’t move these babies yourself without some sort of larger rig.  Check out the ESCAPEit’s super cool!
  • There’s also folks who have remodeled old Airstreams.  Classic RVs with TONS of style.
  • Then there are your standard RVs – motor homes, travel trailers and 5th wheels.  Confused about all the options?  Read about the different types of RVs.
  • We chose a travel trailer. Our tiny house is about 200 square feet (Keystone Laredo 240MK). We’ve been living in it full time since August 2015.

Why do we want to live in a tiny house?

Right now if I could sum it up in one word it would be freedom.  Financial freedom.  Freedom from possessions that tie us down and complicate our life.  Freedom to let us be mobile and follow the nice weather.  Freedom to live off the grid and spend time in remote places.  We also love that we can have a smaller environmental footprint.  And let’s face it, some of those tiny dwellings above are pretty darn cool.

Why do others live tiny?

If you’re interested in hearing about a couple’s journey to living tiny check out the documentary TINY (a story about living small).