What kind of footprints do you want to leave?


Chloe & Brendan, Members of the full-time RV club and tiny house movement since 2015

Welcome to Footprints Design!

In 2005 we moved into a 2100 square foot home.  We spent 9 years there making it exactly what we wanted.  We painted, removed wallpaper, remodeled bathrooms and the kitchen, put down new flooring, changed light fixtures, did landscaping and many other things.

In early 2013 we got to the point where we asked ourselves why.  Why did we own this big house?  To hold all of our stuff!  Why do we have so much stuff?  Because we can afford it!  Why can we afford it?  Because of the daily grind of our stressful jobs!  We started thinking what if we didn’t have all the stuff?  What if we didn’t live in the big house?  What if we pared down to only what we really needed and what was special to us?  What if we stopped buying all the stuff?  Could we sell the house and downsize to a small apartment?  Would we be happy there?  Would we still want to keep our jobs?  And what if we pared down even more to a Tiny House or RV?  Could we live full time in one of those and travel the country working when and where we wanted?  These ideas were so interesting to us that we decided to start exploring them.  Baby steps.  Paring down.  In August 2014 we sold the house and moved to a 700 square foot apartment.  And in August 2015 we moved full time into a 200 square foot RV. We’re still figuring how how to live this life. But we’re doing it together, one day at a time.